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Spring is just around the corner…..

We are frantically potting and moving plants around right now. This is when I wish I had 6 greenhouses instead of 4! We will be open next week on the 16th, but there is a ton of work to do … Continue reading

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Spring is finally here!

With the cold temperature in February, the flood and snow in March, it has been a bumpy time at the greenhouse. We are finally about to catch up on transplanting and getting the new merchandise displayed. The newsletter is due … Continue reading

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What a Winter!

I’m sure all of you are as tired of cold weather as we are. Winter presents its special challenges in the greenhouse. Snow and ice mean staying up at night and checking the greenhouses to make sure the load of … Continue reading

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Opening Soon

Are you as tired as I am with this cloudy cold weather? It makes it much harder to get things done in the greenhouse. We have to bundle up to go outside to get supplies, and it is just dreary. … Continue reading

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Another Year Underway

We are just about to finish up most of our transplanting jobs. The plants are growing so quickly with these warm days we’ve been having. I need to get some photos and show you some of the neat plants we … Continue reading

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Late Night

We had an awesome Late Night….it is the first year they hadn’t predicted¬† bad weather for that night. We had a large crowd of you and I’m sorry I haven’t had time to up date the blog. I do have … Continue reading

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A big thank you to all of you who came Saturday and Sunday! We were busy yesterday, but swamped today! It was unbelievable how many cars were parked in the lot. You kept us hopping for the better part of … Continue reading

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Flood Day 20 – Final "Flood" Post

Today marked a special event! The first customers at my greenhouse(except for the neighbor who boated in) since Easter Sunday! The water was a little higher than I had hoped first thing this morning, so our official opening was 12 … Continue reading

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Road Conditions Sat. 7a.m.

Right now the water is a little over 1 foot. We will try opening at 12 noon, which will allow the water to be a little under a foot for trucks and SUV’s that sit up higher to come through. … Continue reading

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Road Conditions/Open Status

At 8 p.m. tonight(Friday), there was 2 feet of water on the road. By 8 a.m. it should be about 1 foot, so you will be better waiting a few hours before coming, especially if you only have a car. … Continue reading