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Look at the Greenhouses now!

I actually remembered to take my camera to the greenhouses today. I want you to see how full they are already. These few sunny days have helped the plants to really start growing.

I actually set the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower plants outside today to start hardening them off (getting them acclimated to outside weather). It is really great to have some green on my outside benches. It makes spring seem closer all the time!

Greenhouse #3 on March 8

Greenhouse #2 on March 8

Greenhouse #1 March 8

Here are some of the coleus cuttings being rooted.

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  1. Remote Gardener says:

    Looks awesome, I am jealous as hell. We have peas started in our greenhouse but nothing to the extent you do so far. We did start from seed though. Thank you,

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