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Colocasia – Elephant Ears and Tropicals

We have some really neat Elephant Ears in this year. Some came from a mistake on an order that gave me a few extra varieties I didn’t plan on having. The others came in on an order today. If you like tropical plants, you’ll have to check these out. We have Black Magic, Illustrus, Jurassic Dark, Coal Miner, Jack’s Giant, and Nancy’s Revenge(guess why I ordered that variety:-)) that we’ve potted up and grown. Today we got several Alocasias – one is Amazonica which has such neat leaves I had to take a photo to share with you.

These leaves are so different, they almost look like plastic! The back side of the leaf is purple!

We also have Tea Cups – a tall variety with cupped leaves; A. lauterbaachiana which has long narrow serrated leaves – a great variety to use as the center of a mixed pot;  and A. plumbea ‘Nigra’ – which has dark colored leaves.

Other tropicals that arrived today are a decorative Banana Tree, Variegated Shell Ginger and Caladiums.

Caladium make bright spots in a shade garden. They can't take temperatures in the 40's, so wait a bit before setting these out.

Here are the red variegated leaves of the Banana Trees.

The Variegated Shell Ginger will just be a foliage plant in our zone unless you overwinter it as a houseplant. It has attractive yellow variegated leaves.

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