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Flood Day 6

On what should be the busiest day of my season, a bright warm sunny Saturday, I have to be closed. I really try just to not think about it. I appreciate your kind comments when you have called to see if we are open. At this point I’m still hoping to be open May 8. Mt. Vernon’s gauge looks promising, but I can’t tell on JT Myers yet.

I have some flood photos to share today. Yesterday, we boated out for mail and newspapers. I got to see what it looks like from the “other” side. I think this picture tells it all:

Even my sign on the highway is getting flooded!

Hasting Lane, doesn’t even exist! There is just enough room to pull your car 1/4 of the way on it to get turned around.

This morning we made our normal trek up to the mailbox. I walked out partway & turned around for this photo.

View of the greenhouse from our driveway.

We like to check the depth next to the mailbox, today it lacked 10″ of getting in.

The mailbox at the end of our drive.

It was just a few inches deeper than this in 1997, but we haven’t reached the crest at JT Myers yet. The current is really swift over our road. I don’t go out as far as Mike does since he has his hip waders on. Crystal always comes along, but stays back with me(in about 12″ of water). Today she stepped off the road into the ditch beside it and was swept away by the current. She tried to swim back to me, but couldn’t make headway and finally swam back toward the greenhouses until she could walk out. She didn’t come back in beside me after that!

After we checked the mail box, we climbed on our roof for the overall view of the flood. Here is what the greenhouses look like. You can see the flood is close, but still not a threat to the greenhouses or my sales building.

View from our house roof.

I feel really sorry for those who have water in their homes from this flood. I also count my blessings when I see the damage from tornadoes in the south. I realize I have problems, but they could be much worse. I’m hoping it won’t be long & I won’t have time to post this daily blog! Until then, it is my link with the “outside” world:-)

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