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Flood Day 10

Well, I didn’t blog this morning…..I was too disheartened. The water rose another 3 inches overnight. It is 10 feet deep in the road. That isn’t what disheartened me. I was/am hoping to get out tomorrow to head to IU for Daniel’s graduation, and things weren’t looking good this morning. We can boat on up to the highway, but now that Highway 69 is covered, it was uncertain if I could get on out to my car.  I was looking for helicopters, or anything to get out. Right now I think I can boat to the neighbors & they will take me through the 2 feet of water on the highway in their tractor. The only problem is how soon I can get back in.  If it is windy, we don’t trust ourselves on the backwater, and they are predicting several windy days ahead in the forecast.

If I can’t get back in, Mike will have to care for the plants. That is asking a lot of him with all the other things he has to do, and he isn’t experienced at watering…..

I  enjoyed reading your comments after I made that blatant bid for more of them! 🙂

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