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Flood Day 19…Hopefully the Last!

We checked the water a little earlier this morning, at 7:30. It is 2′ 9″ deep. It went down 2 feet in one day. We are figuring 1 inch per hour. At that rate, there will still be 7 to 8 inches of water over the road at 9 a.m. in the morning. Pick-ups & SUV’s should have no problem. By noon it should be down to 4 to 5 inches where you could go through in a car. Completely off around 4:30(we’ll be open until 6p.m.). So you can plan according to what you are comfortable with. Of course this is conjecture on our part, and I will update the information around 8 p.m. tonight, and again around 7 a.m. tomorrow.

As I mentioned yesterday, we boated out to bring some employees in and I got my first look at the sign on the highway since it has been submerged.

Hasting Plants sign at Hasting Lane & Hwy 69

Surprisingly there are letters still left on the sign. Now it looks like a board from Wheel of Fortune….Can you determine the missing letters? 🙂

Here are a few shots of my employees on their way to work by boat!

Lydia, Jo Ann, Brenda

Brenda, Mike & Jo Ann

Lydia & Mike

Did you notice how happy they all seem?

There is one other “member” of the crew that was even happier…, not me, but I was happy to have help. This was the one who was left behind. Actually closed up in a greenhouse so she couldn’t follow us in the boat. Crystal was ECSTATIC!!!!!

Crystal, greeting her friends!

She ran from one group to the next just so excited to see them!

We got a lot of clean-up accomplished, so the greenhouses are just waiting for you to arrive!!!!!

Now, I have to leave you with the thought I had last evening. I was walking down Hasting Lane to look at the water gauge. It was peaceful and quiet…I knew no one else could come down the road. I had it all to myself. Then I realized…..Prince William & Kate have NOTHING on me…I’ve been “honeymooning” for 3 weeks on my own private island with Mike!!!!!

I’ll update you again this evening!

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