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Flood Day 7 & 8 – the second week!

Things are beginning to look serious….not that they haven’t already. The updated river forecast shows we might be closed down for a 3rd week. I had my heart set on opening up again at Mother’s Day or close to it. We will probably even be rescheduling or canceling Late Night due to the flood…..

On Sunday, this was our mailbox:

Higher than the 1997 crest, 3" to get in it.

We stuck a yardstick 9″ in the ground a day or so ago so we could see the rise without going out to the mailbox. Here is Sunday’s reading.

With the reading of 15″ we could tell the water level had gone up 6″ from when we put the ruler in the ground.

After 4 1/2″ of rain last night, here were our findings this morning.

Mailbox is halfway submerged.

24" means a 9" rise since yesterday

Here is the view of the greenhouses.

I had to rush off before finishing what I wanted to say. We heard that we needed to get our vehicle to higher ground since parts of 69 north of Hasting Lane were beginning to go under, so we made an unexpected trip out. Not an easy feat when that involves a boat!

This is the gauge on our Hasting Lane.

Mike says he should have made this taller!

And a view looking back at the greenhouses.

Greenhouses from the boat view.

Here is an updated picture of my sign at the highway.

You can't read that we are closed, but I guess you could figure that out!

Finally, here is the highway shortly before you get to Hasting Lane, right where the “Octagon” house is if you know that spot.

Highway 69, north of Hasting Lane about 1/2 mile.

As bad as it is for us, there are people who have it much, much worse. At least my house is sitting safe and sound. I count my blessings. Please pray that the rain ceases and the water recedes quickly.

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