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It's an explosion of plants!

It always amazes me how quickly the greenhouses fill up once the plants start arriving. Each tray of plants that comes in may make 10 flats or more of “finished” size plants once we pot them up. It doesn’t take long to fill up benches that way.  I’ll include a picture from last week with this post, and hopefully add a new one soon so you can see how quickly the greeenhouses fill up. Most of the Hanging Baskets are planted by now, so even that space is full.

The coleus cuttings came in this week. It’s always fun to see what varieties we’ll have each year. We have 51 varieties of sun Coleus! There are also some really cool succulent type plants waiting to be potted. It seems like we have a larger number of different or new plants this year. I can’t wait for you to get to see them!

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