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Check out these Flowers!

Here are some photos of some flowers that are blooming now. I just wanted to share these photos.

'Bonfire' Begonia. These Begonias thrive in full sun and heat. They bear beautiful orange bell shaped flowers all summer long. They are great for containers or planted in the ground. The color just grabs you!

Cat Whiskers. This plant gets about 3 ft. tall and bears these pure white blooms with long "whisker - like" stamens. We've grown this in past years, but it's been a while since we could find a source for it again.

'Mystic Spires' Salvia. These blooms are just glorious! You can't beat blue flowers, and these spikes get over a foot long. The plants grow about 3 ft. tall in the ground...a little less in a pot. They are real showstoppers.

I wanted to show a picture of our Globba (Dancing Ladies) plants, but as soon as they bloom, someone buys them! They are a great little plant in the ginger family. I’ll keep trying for the photo!

You know I could just keep taking pictures and raving about all the plants. It is so fun when things really start growing and blooming. You have to come see them all!

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