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The Greenhouses are loaded!

We love how the greenhouse look just before the real shopping frenzy begins. All of the plants are filling out, and blooms are starting to form on almost everything. We have plants stuffed in every nook and cranny we can find. The aisles are narrow since flats are hanging out over the edges of the benches and we are ready to start selling plants!Here are the current views of the greenhouses:That is greenhouse #1 and a close up view of the gerbera daisies in there. They are a riot of colors right now!

Greenhouse #2 has the gorgeous Solenia Begonias in full bloom. There are lots of impatiens and begonias of all sorts as well.

Greenhouse 3 will explode next week when all of the buds on those geraniums down the center bench open! Hopefully I'll remember to get a photo for the blog then too! The hanging baskets in here are really looking nice now.

Greenhouse #4 is filled with tomato and pepper plants as well as Wave Petunias and lots of annual flower flats.

The tomato plants are just perfect size right now. Some years they are ready too early, some years they are ready too late, but this year they hit just right! We grew a whole lot of extra plants this year since we ran out last year!

That is the greenhouse as it looks right now. The newsletters should be in the mail this afternoon, and we hope you’ll come see us soon!

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