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End of Season Sale

Monday will be the official start of our “End of Season Sale”, although those of you who shopped this past week got in on the unadvertised “Pre-Sale”. We gave discounts through the week so those who purchased plants don’t have to feel bad when they see the ads this week that the sale has started!

It is always hard to believe the season is almost over. It goes so quickly once the selling season starts. We’ve been working since last January getting things ready for you to buy & you look up & it’s time to close. It’s kind of like when you prepare for a big dinner(Thanksgiving) and you work for days getting ready, then it is over in 1 hour or less!

I always tell people I’m happy to open and I’m happy to close. It is always fun to get to do some other things once the greenhouse closes. The break gives me time so that I come at it fresh every year. My time isn’t totally free through those summer and fall months. I have plant and merchandise shows to attend as well as orders to place with salesmen for plants for next year. Mike and I spend a lot of time on repairs and improvement to the buildings as well.

We hope to see you during these final 3 weeks as the season winds down. Bargain Day is June 19! All the sale information with dates is on the “Events” page.

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