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Another Season Underway!

I was sure that I was going to add blogs all summer long, but here we are with another year starting and I didn’t make it! It’s been an exciting summer with trips to Greenhouse Conferences and a first for us this year, a market trip to Chicago!  As the new merchandise arrives, I’ll try to highlight some of the things we’ll have for you this year.

Here are a couple of large topiary structures for pots that we thought were really unique.

This 3-D topiary has petal-like sections that make it look like a large tulip!

Another 3-D topiary with classic curved lines. We think they are awesome!

Another group of merchandise to arrive are some smaller figurines. We have a lot of different birds, frogs, lizards, caterpillars and animal shapes.

We loved these birds, as well as others with wings that look like leaves.

These frogs also have a leaf type veining for their skin. I love the poses!

This frog would be great to put candies in!

You can see I had a lot of fun at the show in Chicago. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the things coming in.

The plants are beginning to arrive as well. I have Greenhouse #1 heated. Seedlings are already emerging and a few hanging baskets are potted up. I’ll take my camera over soon and post pictures so you can see the beginning stages of the season.

It won’t be long and spring will come….I’m ready….how about you?

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