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Seedlings are exciting to watch grow!

I’m sorry it took me so long to post another blog! Things have been happening fast in the greenhouse with plants arriving daily. But I promised to share a photo of the seedlings which are really fun to watch¬† grow. That is one of the most exciting parts of a new season when the first seeds sprout.


Seedlings sprouting at the greenhouse

These seedlings are on the seed bench which has heating pads to help speed germination. This is where I start all of my seed. The labels identify varieties as well as give the date they were seeded.

Seedlings growing on to transplant size.

Once the seeds have sprouted, I move them to a regular bench and let them grow a little larger until they are ready to transplant. You can see I’ve already transplanted a few rows.

Some of the first plants to arrive and get planted are the hanging baskets. Here is a picture of what the greenhouse looks like in the early stages. I’ll bet you’ve never seen it this empty!

Hanging baskets just potted up.

The greenhouses fill up fast though. We had several shipments delayed with the cold weather a couple of weeks ago, so now everything is arriving at once and we’re running ahead full speed. In fact I’ve got to get over there to work right now! I’ll post more later!

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