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We would normally be open……but the river's up!

This is the week we normally open each year, but the river has cut us off. Hasting Lane has water crossing it in three places. Here is the view as you turn off the highway on to Hasting Lane.

As you turn off the highway, this is the scene you see. All the trash in the water is cornstalks from the field.

Now, here is the view from my side leaving the greenhouse on Hasting Lane heading toward the highway.

We've just left our road and turned onto Hasting Lane.

Notice the river gauge on the left side of the road. My husband had this made after our last flood and it is really nice to see just how deep the water is. We placed it at the deepest part.

Close-up of the gauge. The water is 16" deep when we took this picture.

The 1′ mark is completely covered, and the water is almost up to the 6″ mark. Thankfully our greenhouses and house are high and dry. This will slow up some of the work since my employees can’t make it in now, but we’ll catch up as soon as they can get back in!

The greenhouses are getting full. I get so busy working over there, I forget to post updates for you to see. I’ll try to take some photos again tomorrow!

Stay dry! 🙂

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