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Flood Day 4

Is it really only day 4??????

The sun is shining this morning, how I wish we could be open!

I promised some flood pictures today. Last night I took a picture of “Hasting Falls”. I’ll bet you didn’t know we had a waterfall down here! 🙂 I’ve only seen it a few times, thank goodness. Anyway, it is south of our house where there is a natural barrier between a fence row of trees and two fields. When it breaks over the fence row it makes a noise of rushing water that we can hear easily from the house.

Close up of Hasting Falls.....doesn't really rival Niagara, but it's close by!

What is amazing to me is that we drove through this area the prior evening & never even saw water close to here . The next morning this was the view.

A full view of the water across the field road we crossed 12 hours earlier!

This morning the water is at our mailbox. It measures 6 feet deep on the road.

View of the mailbox on Hasting Lane right as you turn into our drive.

Of course on our morning walk to view the water, we had company.

Crystal is never far from where we are.

Crystal is missing all of the treats my employees bring her each day. Some of the UPS and Fed-Ex drivers bring treats, and even customers have brought treats. She’s having to survive with just me feeding her!

I’m off to water the greenhouse & work on geraniums. I think I’ll finish that task today!!!!!

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