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Flood Day 5

Today the water is 6′ 9″ deep across our road. I have several pictures to share from that, but first I have to show you the geranium bench! It took 3 days, but I finally picked all of the blooms off of all of the geraniums!

You can look back a few posts to see this bench in full color. Hopefully it will be that colorful again by the time you can get to the greenhouse again!

The geraniums will keep better for the next week without blooms in the humid greenhouse.

Last night we walked out to the mailbox to see how high the water had gotten, so I’ll share those photos.

Hasting Lane, looking toward the highway from our driveway.

Looking back at the greenhouses from Hasting Lane.

View of our mailbox & sign from Hasting Lane, looking West.

This morning Mike & I took our morning stroll to check the level again. Here is the current view of the mailbox.

Our Driveway with the mailbox in the background.

Mike checking how much more to get to our mailbox. I couldn't go out as far as he did since I only had regular boots on & the current wanted to wash over the tops of them.

19" from our mailbox. In 1997 it lacked 8" of getting in our mailbox & we think this flood may slightly exceed that.

Every day we check the NOAA web site(many times) and see what the predicted river levels are going to be. When it actually crests I will take photos from the roof of our house so you can get a real perspective of how much water there really is.

Looking at the predictions I am hoping we can be open on Mother’s Day Sunday. I can’t tell what JT Myers level will be by then, so I may be being optimistic. Mt. Vernon’s gauge¬† shows it is dropping off rapidly & it may be off the road by then. If so, I will stay open longer than normal Sunday hours!

More tomorrow!

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