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Flood Day 11

Water is up AGAIN today, 2 1/2″ deeper than yesterday. All of our gauges have been flooded over so now we are using a flag we stuck in the water’s edge a couple of days ago. We stick our yardstick next to that & measure how deep it is. Will it ever quit rising??????? We are getting so close to the old barn and sales building. Mike is wondering if we should start moving things out. We look at the crests daily, but it seems we exceed the crest each morning & they make a bigger one each day. We went out on our boat a couple of days ago to look at Mike’s irrigation pivots.

View of the house from the south side

This is what our house looks like from the south. There is quite a drop off in the ground on that side.

This is Mike’s irrigation pivot.

End gun on Pivot # 5

The end gun normally is 12′ up in the air. Mike spent quite a bit of his time before the flood got so deep taking the motors off of the wheels at the base of each tower and hanging it from the top of the tower. There are even some of those motors that are submerged. Who would have thought…..

Now the current water at the sales building.

Water in the road near the sales building

Water in the road near old barn & soil

As you can see, we had to move some of the soil we normally store next to the old barn. We have thrown those concrete blocks you see in the water at the water’s edge to mark how far it is in the past couple of days.

I’m hoping to boat out to Daniel’s graduation today & then hope to be able to get back in at least by Sunday. If I can’t get back in, I will be frantic. You probably won’t hear again from me  “from the FLOOD” until Day14!

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