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Flood – Day 12 & 13

I’m Back!!!!!

Yes, I made it to Daniel’s graduation!!!!

On Thursday afternoon, a friend boated me out. We had to boat through the river bottoms on out and up the Ohio River, where we came back in at the rock yard.

Hwy 69 south of Hasting Lane

You can see the road signs sticking out. The highway is along the tree line. And here is what you can see of my sign:

Sign at the corner of Hasting Lane and Hwy 69

As we came off of the Ohio River, here is our vies of Hwy 69 and the rock yard.

Boating up toward the highway near the rock yard.

The vehicles belong to people who have boated from there onto their houses as well as sightseers.

Here is the boat beached on the highway.

How amazing to think the water is level with the highway here!!!!

If you came down the highway, this is what you would see near the rock yard.

Bridge on Hwy 69 just before Bonebank Road.

Here is the riverfront at Mount Vernon. I have never seen water this high. The tall pillar to the left has the 1937 flood level marked on it. The 2nd largest flood was 1913, and the lower pedestal has 1913 marked on it in magic marker, so I’m guessing that may have been the level for that date.

The river gauge at Mount Vernon is a metal strip in the pavement ending with the 1937 pillar.

The river gauge for Mount Vernon is a metal strip in the pavement ending with the 1937 pillar.

So, I was on the “outside” at this point. I drove to Bloomington Friday morning for a ceremony on Friday afternoon, and Graduation was Saturday morning.

Daniel next to the stadium (close to his apartment).

Closer shot of Daniel

It was a wonderful time of feeling great pride in our son’s accomplishments. It was also a bit bittersweet as well since everywhere I looked, graduates were standing for photos with their whole families around them. Mike really missed being there. Also, I wish Olive were still alive to enjoy this event, she would have burst with pride for her only grandson!

Today,  I rushed home from Bloomington and our neighbor was kind enough to drive me down Hwy 69 in his tractor, where Mike picked me up in our boat. Thankfully the wind wasn’t strong like they had predicted, and it all worked out.

Here is Hwy 69 right before you get to Hasting Lane.

Hwy 69 north of Hasting Lane (taken from the tractor)

So the flood story continues from the inside. Thankfully Mike reported that the waters have dropped 5 inches! We could see the top of our 10 ft. gauge in the road as we boated back in. Our problem now that the water is beginning to recede is that the water had begun to seep into our well pit. Mike is having to pump that out every hour or so. Let’s hope that when the water drops this week, that that will go away.

Thanks so much for your kind comments here, by phone, email and when I happen to see you(not often since I’m not “outside” much). I ran into a customer at the grocery store before coming home who told me she would be down when the water is off the road. It just makes me feel so humbled that all of you care so much!

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