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Flood Day 14

Happy Mother’s Day!

And it is a Happy Day! The water is starting to drop!!!!!

Driveway beside sales building and old barn.

If you see all of the blocks and bricks in the drive, they were thrown in the road as the water was raising to mark the height at different times. The brick in the lower right hand corner was the highest point. So you can see it is dropping. I threw a stick in the road and was amazed to see how much more road showed each hour after that.

By this afternoon, we could see the yardstick again!

The yardstick reads 29 inches.

I was amazed this hadn’t floated away with all the current that rushed through there! And wonder of wonders….can it be… the end of our drive….

The post on the mailbox!

By tomorrow we might actually see the mailbox again! We measured and the water has dropped 12 inches from the crest. I actually kayaked out today since the water was smooth and it looked like the current wasn’t too bad, so I could see the gauge on the road.

Gauge reads about 9' 3"

At least we can see it now! It had gone over the top of the 10′ mark. And just for kicks, here is a view of Hasting Lane from my kayak.

Heading East on Hasting Lane

About mid-morning I got real excited when I came to the house and looked at the river gauges, I had originally thought I would be able to open around May 16 or 17, but now it looks like I can open at least by Sunday the 15th! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Late Night will be rescheduled for May 20. I think we will bill it as Late Night/Flood’s Over Party!

Hopefully by tomorrow the water will be off of Hwy 69 north of Hasting Lane. It will make getting out a whole lot easier.

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