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Flood Day 9

Water is up again this morning. Here is the mailbox.

View of the mailbox at the end of our drive.

What? You can’t see the mailbox??????Well that’s because you CAN’T SEE THE MAILBOX! It is completely under water. The water rose about 8 1/2″ from yesterday morning. I couldn’t get very close to the yardstick we are using as a gauge, but it reads 32 to 32 1/2″ (yesterday was 24″). You can see what is sticking out on the lower left side of this photo.

Ruler showing how much the water rose.

The gauge on the road reads over 9 1/2′ now. The next time you come to the greenhouse, you can look at the edge of the parking lot & see that is where the water level was at it’s highest point this morning. I’m hoping it doesn’t go much higher than this!

At the edges the water is right at the parking lot on both sides of the road.

Crystal has learned to respect the water after having her moment(see day 6)of being swept away. Yesterday when we boated out, we closed her in one of the greenhouses because she tries to come with us and swam out one time in another flood which really caused problems. But yesterday as we were boating away, Mike looked back & there was Crystal. She had escaped from the greenhouse and was running along on the dry ground to keep up with us. I worried what she would do when the dry land ran out & was afraid to even look back for fear that it would encourage her to swim to us. Thankfully she stood at the water’s edge and watched us boat on away. I noticed today when we took our morning walk, as I waded out to see the yardstick, she stayed back on dry ground! I don’t think she likes the floodwater any more than we do now!

That is it for today. I enjoy seeing your comments, it is nice to know someone is looking at these photos!

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