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Flood Day 19…Hopefully the Last!

We checked the water a little earlier this morning, at 7:30. It is 2′ 9″ deep. It went down 2 feet in one day. We are figuring 1 inch per hour. At that rate, there will still be 7 to … Continue reading


Flood Day 18

Water is at 4 1/2 feet this morning. It went down 2 feet yesterday. It will be close for opening on Saturday…might be a little water early in the day, which should be off by afternoon, so if you want … Continue reading

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Flood Day 17

We still keep looking at the gauges and hope we’re not rushing planning on being open Saturday. The Mt. Vernon Gauge looks real good, but the JT Meyers Gauge still looks high. Do call or check this web site for … Continue reading


Revised Opening Date(Flood Day 16)

SATURDAY!!!!! They just updated the river forecast, and it looks like we may open on Saturday!!!!! instead of Sunday. Our hours will be 9 to 6 on Saturday, 1 to 8 on Sunday. We can’t wait!!!!! Also, we just rescheduled … Continue reading


Flood Day 16

The water continues to drop. It is 7 1/2 feet deep in the road now….never thought I’d be glad to say that! Here is the road and “mailbox” view for today. You can walk next to the yardstick we stuck … Continue reading

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Flood Day 15

I failed to tell you of the sign I saw on my way to Bloomington. A church had this message posted “Noah, do you still have the plans?” I thought that was appropriate. I guess I know a little of … Continue reading


Flood Day 14

Happy Mother’s Day! And it is a Happy Day! The water is starting to drop!!!!! If you see all of the blocks and bricks in the drive, they were thrown in the road as the water was raising to mark … Continue reading


Flood – Day 12 & 13

I’m Back!!!!! Yes, I made it to Daniel’s graduation!!!! On Thursday afternoon, a friend boated me out. We had to boat through the river bottoms on out and up the Ohio River, where we came back in at the rock … Continue reading


Flood Day 11

Water is up AGAIN today, 2 1/2″ deeper than yesterday. All of our gauges have been flooded over so now we are using a flag we stuck in the water’s edge a couple of days ago. We stick our yardstick … Continue reading


Flood Day 10

Well, I didn’t blog this morning…..I was too disheartened. The water rose another 3 inches overnight. It is 10 feet deep in the road. That isn’t what disheartened me. I was/am hoping to get out tomorrow to head to IU … Continue reading